The War For Western Civilization

It really is all on the line, now.

To add to Stefan and Paul’s conversation, there’s a delusional, trans-humanist aspect to the thinking of many who are knowingly engaged in the West’s destruction.

They think that within the technological powers generated by the West lay the final component to a sort of utilitarian Marxist paradise that lessens or even eliminates the need for the more advanced Western cultures, along with all their wonderful fruits, as well as the Native European peoples who birthed them.  Indeed, these trans-humanist technocrats consider the emergence of Strong Artificial Intelligence will supplant “biological” intelligences, in their strictly materialistic thinking.

They though are quite severely wrong about this.  They misunderstand just what the Human-Being is.  If these people are not put in check super fast, a tremendous amount will be lost, likely for a very long time.


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