President Trump Reaffirms Commitment to Nationalist World Order in UN Speech

At a time when many of Mr. Trump’s core supporters have begun to call into question his resolve to fully implement the nationalist renaissance platform that won him the presidency, he delivers a well formulated and confidence restoring address to the UN General Assembly.

Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House, tweets from the President floating notions of capitulation to the Left on DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (potentially opening a republic ending door to full amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in the US), rumors of conditional rejoining of the Paris Climate Deal, and a White House which continues to be overwhelmingly staffed by the same old same old establishment types have undermined the trust of Trump’s anti-establishment base in his Administration.

With this speech, Mr. Trump revives his outsider status and reinvigorates his core.  The President’s plain identification of the longstanding Globalist Agenda and its march towards an ever more centralized form of World Governance states more clearly than ever the number one overarching concern of this anti-establishment base – the formation of a natural Human rights denying Global Government.

His soaring reaffirmation of the Nation-State system of global cooperation guided by a ‘principled realism’ genuinely seems the best possible path towards peace and prosperity at present.  A system in which it is understood that all nations, in accord with international law and norms, will and should, first and foremost, pursue the best interests of their own people, as is the rightful role of every legitimate government.

Despite some degree of immediate contradiction of these aims in the speech’s continued presentation of the US as the world’s police force – which is perhaps still a ‘realistic’ necessity; and the obvious questions of who and how ‘the best interests of the people’ are determined, the hearty applause of the General Assembly in response to this sentiment of honoring and preserving national sovereignty and identity appears to suggest it’s not only patriotic Americans who cherish their nation’s uniqueness, but also the ministers of most nations of the Earth.

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