President Donald Trump: First 100 Days

Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America!  In an election cycle characterized by fantastic fixation on personalities, many are left wondering just what he will do once in office?

In innumerable speeches we’ve heard him speak of building a wall along our southern border to address illegal immigration and massive drug trafficking from Mexico, as well as an intention to renegotiate trade deals unfavorable to the US.  What else can we expect?

To date, Mr. Trump’s most specific lay out of his administration’s initial 100 days’ agenda came in a speech given in Gettysburg, Pa on October, 22.


Reduction of corruption and abuse of power in DC:

  • Impose term limits on both House and Senate members via a Constitutional Amendment, thus eliminating the career federal politician
  • Reduce special interest control over, and compromise of our government by:
    • Disallowing White House and Congressional officials from becoming lobbyists for five years after they leave government service
    • Erecting a lifetime ban on White House officials ever lobbying on behalf of a foreign government
    • Enacting a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for US elections
  • Reduce the bloated federal workforce through a hiring freeze (exempting military, public safety and public health personnel)


Trade improvements and the creation of new jobs, aiming to increase US growth rates from the current, abysmal, approx. 1% / yr. (2016) to 4% / yr.:

  • Tax reduction and simplification
    • Corporate tax rates reduced from 35% to 15%
    • Attract repatriation of potentially trillions in overseas corporate funds at a 10% tax rate
    • Tax brackets reduced from 7 to 3
    • Simplify Tax Forms
  • Reduce unnecessary restrictions on doing business by requiring that two federal regulations be eliminated for every one added
  • Renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) under Article 2205; returning manufacturing jobs and opportunities from Mexico and Canada back to the US
  • Withdraw from TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership); thereby inestimably protecting and preserving US sovereignty and stifling corporate control over nation-states worldwide
  • Label China as a currency manipulator; thus lessening and, in time, possibly removing China’s artificial advantage in manufacturing, attracting business back to the US
  • Instruct the Secretary of Commerce and US Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses unfairly affecting the US worker and use every US and international law to rectify these abuses
  • Lift all restrictions on (est.) $50 trillion in US hydrocarbon production (shale, gas, oil, coal)
  • Remove inhibitions on energy infrastructure projects like the Keystone Pipeline
  • Implement tariffs on imports, thereby encouraging native US manufacturing and discouraging the offshoring of manufacturing jobs
  • Initiate a 10 year, $1 trillion, revenue neutral infrastructure investment plan
  • Cancel US commitments to UN climate change programs, redirecting this money to fix US water and environmental infrastructure


Return to constitutional rule and law and order

  • Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama
  • Initiate selection process for the empty US Supreme Court seat; to be filled by a conservative, strict constitutional
  • Create a Task Force on Violent Crime – increased training and resources for law enforcement with a focus on gang and violent crime remediation
  • Eliminate the Defense Sequester; expand military investment
  • Screen potential immigrants (legal immigration process) for ideological standards – ensuring applicants support US and Western values (free speech, equality of the sexes, etc…), and thereby will acceptably integrate into US society


Illegal immigration

  • Cancel all funding for immigration law flouting sanctuary cities
  • Begin the removal of an estimated two million criminal illegal immigrants from the country, canceling visas from foreign nations which won’t accept them back
  • Suspend immigration from terror-prone areas where proper vetting cannot be accomplished (often due to nonfunctional home-nation governments) such as Syria, Iraq and Libya – implementation of “extreme vetting’
  • Reform of visa rules to enhance penalties for overstaying visas in order to allow Americans first dibs on jobs
  • Construct a border wall between the US and Mexico, which Mexico will reimburse the US for (able to be accomplished by several means)
  • Enact stiff imprisonment penalties for illegal entry into the US
    • 2 year mandatory minimum fed. prison sentence for illegal re-entry into the US after previous deportation offense
    • 5 year mandatory minimum fed. prison sentence for illegal re-entry into the US if felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions or two or more prior deportations



  • Eliminate Common Core
  • Restore local administration of schools
  • Create a school voucher program, leaving school choice up to parents
    • Public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home schools
  • Create more vocational education
  • Lower the cost of 2-4 year schools


Health and Family Care

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare with health savings accounts
  • Eliminate state lines to increase competition among insurers
  • State management of Medicaid funds
  • Speed the processes by which the FDA approves new drugs
  • Child and elder care made tax deductible
  • Incentivize employers to implement on-site childcare
  • Create tax-free Dependent Care Savings Accounts – applicable to both young and elderly dependents; matching contributions for low income families
  • Give Veterans the option to either seek care through the VA, or go to the private doctor of their choice


We shall soon see how these ideas and goals shape up when actually implemented and how quickly they can be accomplished.

Despite vociferous opposition from the defeated candidate’s emotionally-reactive supporters, who really swallowed the corporate-owned media’s 8-15 month’s worth of hyperbolic demonization of Mr. Trump as the worst person on the planet, he enters office with a tremendous mandate from the voters.  His revolutionary seizing and reformation of his party into a populist one must be prominently credited for the down ballot victories that gained Republicans control of the House, Senate and a greater majority of State Governorships and Legislatures.

The voters were clear, we want the existing establishment and its nation-destroying policies overturned!

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