Neighbor of Purported Las Vegas Shooter Paddock Doesn’t Believe He Did It

A man identifying himself as Rick, who claims to have been a neighbor of Stephen Paddock’s in Mesquite, NV from December 2015 to June 2016, says he cannot envisage him conducting this mass shooting attack.

“I can tell you 100% this is not that kind of guy.”

The former Marine who called into the Michael Savage radio show on October 2nd, said he was often greeted with friendly waves from Paddock, who was fond of sitting just in front of his open garage door in a lawn chair, drinking beer.

Rick said it was usual for he, and sometimes a colleague of his, to drink with Paddock in passing at a nearby bar where they liked to play vending slot machines and video poker.

“We talked about guns and all kinds of stuff”, said Rick.  “He never even told me he owned a gun”.

Under Savage’s questioning Rick reaffirmed he was certain he was speaking of the right guy, going on to say he had gotten in touch with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department to relay the pertinent details of his interactions with Paddock.

Interestingly, Rick said politics came up hardly at all.  He only recalled one comment by the purported shooter in response to a “Trump Team” shirt Rick had been wearing.  “He said he was a Trump fan,” said Rick.

Religion was apparently never a topic of conversation.

If accurate, this would stand against the possibility of a political motive for the shooting.  As has been pointed out, both vindictively, such as by the CBS attorney who was fired for endorsing partisan indifference towards the shooting victims, and also sympathetically by many others, the vast majority of the attendees of this country music festival will have been Trump supporters.

“I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy, but it don’t sit right”, said Rick.  When pressed further by Savage, Rick then laid out his feeling that the shooting is “a setup”, citing the utter improbability that such an elaborate operation would have been conducted by this financially comfortable, 64 year old retired accountant who spends his days drinking beer and gambling.

“Wow,” said Savage, “wait a minute, hold on. I understand what you’re saying.  That’s the body they found in the room, but he may not have been the shooter!”

Rick went on to point to reports by some concert attendees of a Hispanic couple who loudly warned several people that “they were all going to die” some 45 minutes prior to the shooting.

“It doesn’t add up to me,” Rick said.