National Sovereignty Overcomes Globalism In Great Britain!


The British People have spoken!  They’ve chosen to preserve and reclaim their uniqueness as a People – free and self-determining!  They’ve chosen to exit the EU!  They’ve Brexited!

In so doing Britons have dealt a heavy blow to the advocates of forced and false global union which would see all Peoples everywhere ultimately homogenized into the same bland and lessened form.

Perfect equality at the price of that which is most worthwhile, seeking to subvert the aim of the complexity craft that is Existence.  This is not the way.  The worldwide resurgence of nationalism shows us a rising wisdom in the People.  One that sees beyond decades of globalist propaganda bombardment.

Bravo you lovely Brits!  Thank you for standing up for yourselves and in so doing, the nation-state system.  We want a world of true uniqueness and diversity, which can only be generated by distinct and unique Peoples.

Let us join together in our own time, as the course of evolution unfolds and relationships become genuinely and naturally beneficial to all parties.  By this means we preserve the very hard and long won treasures of the Universe whilst creating a better and more harmonious world.

Evidence of rectitude I’d say.