Should the Human Possess Firearms and Other Deadly Implements? (Part I)

From Jared Loughner in Tucson, AZ murdering 6 and wounding 13 people, including Judge John Roll amongst those slain and US Representative Gabby Giffords suffering horrible life-threatening and forever altering wounds. To the perhaps even more psychically and mentally damaged “Batman Shooter” James Holmes slaying 12 and wounding 58 people at the late nite screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO. And most recently this horrific, cowardly, nonsensical slaughter of 27 people, including the murderer’s mother, of which 20 were innocent children and 6 were staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, with the deranged murderer Adam Lanza also killing himself.

Moving even further back in time to the extremely bizarre and terrible happenings in Littleton, CO at Columbine High where Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold murdered 13 and wounded 21 people, then killing themselves. Followed much later by the rampage at Virginia Tech of Seung-Hui Cho who murdered 32 and wounded 24 people in 2007. And then to the seemingly religious-mania motivated attack by Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan at the Fort Hood Army Base of Texas in which 13 people were murdered and 29 wounded. [*1]

As we look upon this latest string of murderous mass-shootings over the last decade and a half, the question now presses to the fore in nearly every corner of the Nation, and indeed worldwide as other nations and peoples pay attention to what the premiere world power in this period is up to:

Should US citizens, and more broadly the majority of Humans worldwide, be armed with deadly-force, to what extent, and specifically with firearms?

This is perhaps one of the most pivotal and pressing, practical questions of present, particularly to the US and its very immediate future. The answer arrived at holds broad and possibly severe consequence for both the People of the US as well, directly and by extension, the whole of the Planet.


What, if any, persons, entities, or institutions should hold deadly-force and why?


It goes without saying that when any “entity” or “institution” is boiled down, we come to individual persons. This being especially the case where one speaks of large bureaucratic institutional constructs, assessing them over lengthier periods of time and taking into account the inexorable devolvement inherent to these entities.

This means, with near to no exceptions on this Earth-of-current, that insofar as is possible to get away with, individuals within most every institution and group entity of present and the foreseeable future will act to their own self-advantage in time – be they persons at the bottom, middle, or top of these hierarchical constructs.

So then the question becomes: which individuals and interests thereof should possess, … should be empowered by deadly-force and which shouldn’t?


Under what impetus should we proceed to answer this question: emotional reactionary, or sound and thoroughly approached logic and reason?


At the start, as we are coming to this question primarily under the impulsion of the above listed severe criminal acts of mass-murder which carry enormous emotional charges with them, we must ask ourselves if we should be principally driven to our decisions in this matter by abhorrently terrible and exponentially media magnified, yet nonetheless extremely rare events carried out by an infinitesimally tiny, cracked nut minority within the Citizenry, which is literally measured as one in tens of millions?

Is such a severe implementation of Rule by Exception wise, right, and called for? Should the perverse deed of one dictate the rights, manner of relation towards, and ultimately allowed behaviors of tens of millions? If this is the chosen tack, what vulnerabilities and room for exploitation lay within it and how do these abuse factors stack up against the initial problem which was sought to be addressed?

Where the prime concern is truly the terrible mass-murder shootings themselves rather than the enforcement and goals of some preconceived ideological position then the burning question must genuinely be:

Is it the possession of deadly-force ability that is the true heart of the cause of these incidents? Does possession of deadly-force capability intrinsically lead to its perverse misuse as we’ve seen in these mass-murder travesties? Or is it a matter of other factors acting upon the individual possessed of deadly-force capability which are the true causes? In such a case would not looking to solve the problem by seeking to limit and even eliminate deadly-force capability amongst the whole or larger part of the Citizenry, the vast majority obviously being free of such afflictions, be a mere addressing of a symptom rather than a root cause? Where true root causes fail to be made the focus then won’t the root problems twist and turn to crop up in other forms?


Native, Naked, and Natural Deadly-Force


Firstly we must consciously recognize that the Human, in his or her native, naked, and natural form, is possessed of deadly and grievous injury inflicting force via fists, feet, hands, knees, elbows, legs, arms, teeth, and head.

As this is an utterly natural and indeed necessary power which all relatively healthy, mobile persons possess and which the more martially knowledgeable and physically powerful possess in greater abundance, then when questioning the Human’s right and need to wield deadly-force ability we are really asking: to what level should various persons and groups be empowered with instruments enhancing of deadly and severe injury inflicting force.

In my thinking there are two factors standing out as primary in arriving at this determination.

One is the consideration of functional need. The other is that of equality.


Functional Need and Equality


Bears, lions, tigers, elephants, and wolves have claws, teeth, tusks, tremendous physical strength and ability the Human can’t even slightly measure up to. One may set the toughest, strongest, most skilled MMA blood-sportsman – a “sport” whose reemergence is a sure sign, lamentably among many others, of the uncontrolled tailspin of degeneracy our society and culture are in – unarmed into an arena with a full-grown Bengal tiger and he will not stand even the slightest chance of victory. Indeed the unarmed blood-sportsman’s survival will be a matter determined by the big cat’s whim and fullness of belly!

The Human is a toolmaker, an alterer of environments like no other! We confront our environments, cope with, and for better as well as worse come into extensive control of them through these means. This is, and has been ever since the first truly Human individual emerged, the key outwardly demonstrated differentiator of the Human from the other manifestations in Nature. Clearly, no other creature even begins to compare!

This capacity simply cannot be denied! There is hardly a more fundamental Natural Human Right than this! It is the Human’s environment altering and tool-making capacities that are his and her claws, crushing fanged jaws, and lightning speed!

Our right to grapple with life’s challenges by use of these uniquely Human abilities must forever be recognized! Yet of course, and now especially over the last 75 years or so as our technological capacity has literally advanced by continual quantum leaps, we’ve had to place limits and controls on this. For instance, we don’t say that it’s acceptable for a nuclear scientist to tuck himself away and develop his own personal atomic arsenal simply because he’s accumulated the knowledge and ability to do so.

But even before this period of massive acceleration in scientific knowledge, times and societies have existed in which various technologies, especially weaponry, were prohibited and attempts at control were made not due to their world destroying or poisoning potentials, but purely out of one group’s craving for power and dominance over others. 

The examples here are simply innumerable. Such restrictions and prohibitions occurred in various areas and times throughout Medieval Europe where particularly despotic “Lords” became fearful of those whom they oppressed. We can look to the Sword Abolishment Edict in 19th Century Japan (the Haitōrei Edict) and wide scale attempts by the 10th and 11th Century Roman Catholic Church to restrict and remove weapons from the hands of the common person within its empire.

Then there are the vastly more terrible and recent prohibitions on the possession of weapons and particularly firearms by non-governmentally attached citizens during the obscenely frequent episodes of warfare inflicted upon our Planet and its People, especially by totalitarian and dictatorial regimes which we have and continue to see rise. In Ottoman Turkey, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and its bloat, Communist China still to the present, in Cambodia under the rule of the Khmer Rouge, and so on we have seen such moves against the People’s holding of this natural and necessary power, with the all too expectable wholesale slaughter of tens of millions and terrible oppressive enslavement of hundreds of millions of souls being the consequence.[ *2]

As well of course, in addition to restrictions and prohibitions on the possession of weapons, thefts of other Natural Human Rights are always carried out during the ascent of terrible, tyrannical dictatorships. So that not only are natural deadly-force ability enhancing weapons in the hands of the People the State’s technological targets of choice, but even more imperatively the printers (more ancient and modern), typewriters, computers, open electronic communications networks, enabling hardware and software, paper, ink, and so forth which are amplifying of the equally Natural Human Right of Free Expression! Indeed infringement of the right of deadly-force possession serves as a sure prelude and necessary precondition to making the implements of publishing the next prime prey of “illegality”. The loss of one always indicates the eventual loss of the other.

Strong moves against previously recognized Natural Human Rights, particularly free thought, speech, and the supporting rights of privacy and substantial physical force possession ensuring of these, stand as eternal hallmarks and warning signs of the rise of such Totalitarian Times and Regimes. In the light of this cognition, what is then revealed about the present misdeeds and engagements of this current United States Government?

So then we must speak of justified and unjustified technological restrictions.

It is through the assessing ability contained within the question of Motivation to Restriction, in concert with a careful consideration of the coherency and accuracy of the bases of these that we arrive at this determination.

Is the restriction based on a legitimate, significantly destabilizing environmental factor, … or even to some extent disruptive of a truly positive, good, and uncorrupted institutional or societal structure; or is the primary motivation to be found in power and dominance lusting? Of course when considering whether or not a societal or institutional structure is truly positive, uncorrupted, and therefore worth preserving, we must strive for critical thoroughness. For such an institution is rare unto nonexistent in our time, a fact revealed in fullness only after facades are pierced and torn away.

In such an evaluation one must first and foremost consider if the proposed restriction infringes upon Natural and Necessary Human Rights; if it subverts some part of the very heart of Human existence’s purpose and the possibility of its fulfillment. This must always be given the weight of most exceptional and supreme consideration.

As these two polar factors – the truly logical and justified rooted in Reality and true need, as well as the deceitful and unjustified stemming out of power and dominance lusting – almost always ride together in this time, we are called to parse out which of these factors sits in the primary, most urgent, and indeed long and broad sighted position. We must then judge and act accordingly.


Spelling out Functional Need in Detail


Having spoken somewhat to the very baseline factors that must inform our thinking regarding the questions of equality and need where deadly-force possession and weapon wielding are concerned, let us now take the functional qualifier in hand.

Here we come to the logical assessment of what level of deadly and severe injury inflicting force the Human of present Planet Earth, both within the United States as well as over the whole world, is called to possess. In order to do this we must list the roles which need filling:

  • Hunting game for the purpose of providing sustenance for oneself, one’s family, and close friends as may be required.

  • Mercy killing animals in the course of husbandry and the exterminating of overpopulated nuisance animals.

  • Defense of one’s life, the lives of one’s family, friends, and all of one’s fellow humans who may be in dire need of such.

  • Defense of law and order at times when the threat isn’t immediately to ourselves or our fellow’s life, but nonetheless calls for a serious defensive response from us due to some fundamental collective necessity.

  • In opposition to tyrannical, Human abusing, murdering, and Human Natural Rights denying government or other de facto central governing entity.

The first two needs sensibly call for the maximum and realistic capabilities of:

    • Bolt action, pump, lever action, and self-loading/semi-automatic (*) rifles

    • Pump, single shot, double shot, and self-loading/semi-automatic shotguns

    • Revolving cylinder pistols

    • Knives

[*Self-loading/Semi-automatic weapons equate to a single shot per trigger pull. They are notautomatic weapons”. An automatic weapon fires all or much of its ammunition with a single trigger pull.]

Of course, other implements and techniques can be used in these pursuits as well: traps, fishing rods, lures, etc… But none of these can replace the firearm’s role or flexibility, nor obviously for that matter the knife’s which is simply ceaselessly indispensable for every sort of task.

As well in various hunting situations, contrary to what many pundits and politicians claim, it is indeed extremely advantageous to be able to fire more than one shot in decently rapid sequence, such as in the hunting of fowl, in a follow-up shot on large game where the initial shot only served to wound the animal, setting it to fast flight, etc… One must also keep in mind what major differences in imperativeness exists between hunting game for sport and hunting game to actually feed oneself and one’s family! Where actual survival is on the line, one will take every possible advantage.

The next two above listed needs are much broader, more situational, and extremely varied in complexity.

The factors of the absolute rapidity of response pressed upon one in such circumstances, the tremendous stress reactions involved, nervousness, adrenaline effects on the entire bodily system, trembling factors which can drastically affect accuracy, the speed and surprise that the party in the attacking position nearly always holds and which stands powerfully against the one in the defending position (in the vast majority of cases the entire episode lasting only sparse seconds), the defender oftentimes being disadvantaged in numbers as attackers have the opportunity to very specifically plan ahead and thus seek out particular situational vulnerabilities, … among various others of a similar nature must be foremost considered.

Taking all this and more into account, these third and forth needs, at the least and varying by situation, call for up to the maximal possible capacities of:

    • Revolving cylinder pistols

    • Pump, lever action, and self-loading/semi-automatic rifles

    • Self-loading/semi-automatic pistols

    • Double shot, pump, and self-loading/semi-automatic shotguns

    • Magazine fed versions of these self-loading/semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns

    • Knives – within arm’s reach perhaps the deadliest of all weapons, especially in skilled hands

    • Blunt weapons: batons, bats, sturdy sticks, etc…

In some circumstances less lethal and damaging options such as stun guns, tazers [purposefully misspelled to avoid trademark claims], various debilitating sprays, and so on can be effective and sufficient. But in no way whatsoever do these come anywhere near to filling the totality of need which the free and independent individual requires to indeed truly dwell in these conditions. For one who cannot personally defend their life and liberty truly possesses neither!

As well it must be mentioned that our brains and hearts are in part electrical organs and thus their receiving massive, unnatural electric shocks is far from safe!!! Death can result and I am quite sure that every such huge externally sourced electrical charge the body is subjected to results in some level of damage to heart, brain, and nerves and thus a loss in the potential of these organs; both short and long term, as well as minor and severe. Where one speaks of the brain then this is a total travesty against the individual as well as collective Earth Humanity. For this means a lessening of a person’s thinking capacity and thus productive and creative capability perhaps for life!

Tazers are therefore less-lethal rather than non-lethal and in no way safe or acceptable for casual use at the drop of a hat as seems to be the on the ground policy now. Police, Military, various Federal Officers sit up and listen! Tazer use should be taken much more seriously and become an utter emergency measure only, removed but a micron from firearm use and never used as a tool of pain compliance, for thrills and giggles, because an officer is having a bad day, and so forth. Just imagine if it was your son or daughter, your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend on the receiving end of one of these shocking contraptions having their rightful upper potentials burned out of them with electrical fire!

Grave injustices of lifelong potential destruction are being committed against far too many people via these dangerous devices at present.


The last “need” category, “ In Opposition to Tyrannical Government” being very extensive, controversial, and dangerous to speak of as governments always hold the levers of “official” ability and power (yet who holds sway over this thing called “government”?) I will delay elaborating on this, dedicating many tens of thousands of words to it in later sections. Suffice it to say, and quite especially when speaking about the US Government which is far and away possessed of the greatest military, intelligence, and quasi-military force on the planet or that we know the planet to have ever seen, all of the above are obviously included.


The Purposeful Deceptiveness of Politicalese


Whilst speaking to the specifics of the hardware side of this fierce debate I’d be remiss in not addressing the matter of the politically-constructed catchwords of “assault” and “military-style” weapons.

The popularly labeled “assault” or “military-style” firearm is essentially a gussied up self-loading/semi-automatic rifle or pistol that rather than being covered in wood, a substance many people consider to be more traditional and therefore psychologically comfortable, is instead housed within metal and synthetic veneers. The methods of operation for both the more traditional wood mantled self-loading/semi-automatic guns and the metal and synthetic covered ones are fundamentally the same → one shot per trigger pull with the next round being loaded from the weapon’s magazine or cartridge tube by means of mechanically utilizing the explosive force of the previously fired round.

So rather than counterproductively wasting this energy in recoil alone these firearms put it to functional use, each in the same manner, no matter the precise outward style of the device.

It is not currently legal for the general individual in the United States to own a fully automatic, bursting, or select-fire (mode of operation able to be actively chosen on the fly) weapon such as those the US Armed Forces most commonly employ and, not so incidental to this discussion, which the members of the Citizen’s Militia of the extremely peaceful, ultra-ordered, among the very freest, per capita wealthiest, most harmonious, lowest rates of crime holding, least environmentally sullied nations on Earth – the comparatively gleaming Direct Democracy ruled Republic of Switzerland [*3] – also possess abundantly in their individual homes.

US citizens’ ability to possess fully automatic weapons is heavily restricted and really nothing more than a novelty indulged in by collectors who enjoy ample recreational funds and various commercial enterprises offering supervised shooting sessions with these weapons at specialized facilities for a fee.

In order to successfully jump through all the required hoops – these varying considerably from state to state, some states not even offering these flaming circles as a possibility – to obtain one of the approximately 150,000 automatic weapons open for private ownership in the US, all of which were manufactured before May 19, 1986 [*4], the prospective owner is looking at a cost of somewhere between $3000 and $30,000 depending upon the weapon in question. And as the date restriction implies, these extremely inflated prices are only able to buy older weapons. Fully automatic weapons of more recent and advanced manufacture are at present precluded from private ownership by current, rather questionable laws.

These stipulated obstacles include: submission of a full set of fingerprints, passing a rigorous criminal background check, having a certification of ownership approved by various local law enforcement heads (sheriff, police chief, local D.A., etc…), and a requirement to register the weapons with the ATF – the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives [*4].

Registration having historically proved to nearly always be a prelude to confiscation by governments with a salivating eye for terrible oppression and abuse of a nation’s People, again, as it now stands, the ownership of these weapons is nothing more than a novelty.

As we see, full auto and select-fire weapons aren’t realistically or practically available to US Citizens at present. Therefore, let it be clear that in all our current conversations regarding these matters of deadly-force possession, the People’s holding this as a rightful and necessary power, and so forth we are only dealing with single shot per trigger pull weapons at the very most.

So from one angle of assessment the main differences between the oh-so-scary “assault” or “military-style” politicalese termed weapons and grandpa’s old oak fire-stick are primarily in ergonomics and aesthetics, with some of these having practical functions in the form of weather-proofing, increased durability, and as follows longevity in the face of harsh use. So synthetic veneered weapons are often more suited and superior for such purposes as long trips into the depths of the wild, conditions of extreme climate, and so on.

Yet where one compares a weapon capable of accepting a magazine to one which isn’t so capable or of course to a bolt action or single shot weapon then some notable difference in sustained firing capability must certainly be spoken of. The time to reload a magazine accepting self-loading/semi-automatic rifle is considerably lower than a tube fed type. As well revolvers, single shot weapons, bolt-action rifles, etc… are rather slow reloading affairs. Though it is possible, with practice, to become remarkably quick with non-magazine accepting firearms, especially revolvers. Though only the very coordinated and dedicated will achieve such feats, so then very few.

That being said, these capabilities of greater sustained fire opened to us by magazine fed weapons conform 100% to functional need where situations involving the defense of oneself and/or others is concerned. As is also the case in defense of the Nation, Natural Human Rights, Freedom, Rightful Order, and so on from those who would seek to infringe upon and deny these absolute essentials to both the individual and society, as has repeatedly been the case throughout history.

Such anti-Human menaces have been, and will continue to be both sourced from without as well as within various Nations and Peoples. That the current, rotten to the core corporatized government of the United States could pose such a threat should be of no surprise to any clear observing and thinking individual.


The Unacceptable and Highly Exploitable Consequences of Fundamental Lacks in Understanding


Here we arrive at an important and revealing point.

A substantial amount of the fear many people uncontrollably quake in upon seeing or thinking of weapons or a certain type of weapon – which in truth are inanimate objects that only come into any sort of operation under the impetus of outside force, namely Human action – is partially founded in a near total mechanical ineptitude.

This irrational fear which the mechanically inept individual suffers in can be further refined to a more fundamental point of lack – absence of logical causal comprehension on the whole.

So not only deficits in understanding things strictly mechanical, but also electrical dynamics and devices, the processes found in wild and open Nature, generally comprehending how civil engineering works operate and why they’re constructed and laid out as they are, grasping the causal processes and principles of the Human body so as to come into intelligent control and amelioration of this important part of ourselves, etc… etc…

Of course a portion of this sort of understanding and comprehension is to be found in possession of basic knowledge pertaining to the area in question. But this logical causal comprehending ability actually goes well beyond the mere holding of relevant and necessary facts and indeed must be spoken of as being a part of an intrinsic, intuitive type of intelligence unique to the Human in our elevating this far beyond the level of mere instinct or five sense data subconsciously collected and thereby accessible by some means or other.

Here we speak of a deeper sort of intelligence. And although this clearly, for whatever reasons, varies from person to person in magnitude (ultimate potential ever remaining in flux, dependent upon many factors), everyone possesses the capability and duty to develop it to an effective or more effective degree so that an increasing level of competency and proper responsibility in thinking, reasoning, and judging is come to.

It is simply unacceptable in every way for a person, no matter if they be an artist, a luxuriously wealthy individual of leisure, a web-developer, a masseur or masseuse, or a bedroom accessories salesperson, to languish in a lack of a broad and ever growing level of this uniquely Human and oh-so-necessary faculty. And this goes just as much for possessing this sort of intelligence in psychological and spiritual spheres as well as mechanical, electrical, and physical ones. It just so happens though that the current aspect of this debate regarding the People’s holding of deadly-force enhancing implements which we are dealing with has more to do with the mechanical and physical facets of this rarely recognized intelligence and lack thereof.

It may be viewed as cute, humorous, or even a fact keeping some more widely able and logical causal intelligence possessed persons in a job, but truly it is extremely damaging and dangerous as well as flying in the face of the purpose of the Human Life to neglect these areas. This is all too well seen in the current, highly emotionally charged, contentious debate concerning the Human Right and Need to possess deadly-force capabilities. Many singly forgivable lacks, ignorance, and incomprehension suddenly culminate to become a fatal pitfall for all!


Logical Causal Intuitive Intelligence and Logical Causal Projection


Although some higher degree manifestation of the uniquely Human domains of intuition is involved in all logical causal intelligence, one must speak specifically of a threshold of development whereupon an increased communion with the intuition becomes near to constant, coloring all facets of life.

This further informed form we then simply call logical causal intuitive intelligence. An extremely important, powerful, and indeed necessary for everyone to possess capacity is opened and enabled by this, that of → logical causal projection.

More and more as the logical causal intelligence is developed and logical causal intuitive intelligence opened to us, we are in turn naturally granted increased logical causal projection abilities. These imbue one with a genuine understanding and insight into every sort of thing, phenomena, system, and dynamic. So that even where very specific or extensive knowledge-sets and highly specialized abilities haven’t been cultivated which would stretch so far as to allow one to actually undertake the construction or execution of a matter or task with the same level of practical ease possessed by a practiced professional, a deep understanding nonetheless abides revealing of far reaching repercussions. Essentially one’s vision becomes more holistic and long-sighted, indeed unstoppably so!

It is out of this more comprehensive logical causal understanding and the projecting abilities which derive from it that sound, valid, and valuable judgement and action flows. It is from both being able and willing to calculate thusly and look at the long term, increasingly inclusive and extensive causal consequences and origins of matters and undertakings that we begin to think and act with actual Wisdom, a factor near to totally absent from and which this World oh-so-desperately needs!

Long-term, truly comprehensive thinking and acting are faculties that have for many reasons now been near totally lost by the vast majority of Earth Humanity. Due to cultural and societal degradation, an ever increasing toxification of the environment and our bodies, a subsequent across the board lowering of our cognitive potentials in brains and nervous systems being damaged, an over reliance on technological crutches for these diminished fundamental cognitive processes (problem solving, memory, etc… i.e. “just Google it!”), the unending prevalence of false information, the adoption of fallacious world-views in large part based on such information, and on and on…

All these listed factors, plus many, many others, produce increasingly compromised thought-constructions, these then of course resulting in crooked, unsound, and inaccurate outcomes to one degree or another.

Absent the necessary capacities of perception, thought, feeling, and understanding and the sound foundations these produce; then even where a great deal of narrow or professional cleverness, skill, and knowledge may be present, an incomplete basic education on life is indicated. Thus we must speak of a basal immaturity prevailing within such lack-afflicted individuals, existing as an underlying and omni-compromising governor for all their actions. It goes without saying that this self-deficit will persist as an unrecognized factor within such persons. For if they were so aware, then they wouldn’t long tolerate such a dearth!

Particularly where such a person is lacking in either the mechanical/physical aspects of this intelligence, but also where inaccurate to Reality ideological factors – even and especially hidden or half-digested ones – are held; they see the firearm through superstitious eyes as a dangerous and powerful mystery. In this absence of understanding the principles surrounding these devices – generally, specifically, consciously, or subconsciously – they flee from them in irrational fear.

This causes the gun to take on an air of foreboding not so far removed from the way a scientifically ignorant, geological process uncomprehending people would live in fear of the shadow of a “volcano god” who at any moment might open the bowels of the underworld and consume them whole if the sacrifices and deity worthy placations weren’t satisfactorily executed. Or perhaps if the witch-doctor failed to perform his or her ritual correctly…, which of course also conveniently served to instill this person with unquestionable authority in many other matters – consciously sought or not.

Bring out all the innocent children and virgins so that they may be sacrificed to the “gods” at the right time or else the Sun won’t rise tomorrow!!! Better still, allow the NSA, CIA, and DIA to collect every bit of forever stored future blackmail data and steal every scrap of your intellectual property or else those bad bearded men from Saudi Arabia (a nation that somehow never becomes the focus of hostile US military actions) will come and get you!!!


We still see this “witch-doctor dynamic” in play within our own world of current societies where government “officials” and so forth hold the secret, “forbidden knowledges” granted them by security clearances – talismans of other worldly communication now called “Top Secret” and “SCI – Secret Compartmentalized Information”, and so on.

Just as the other-worldly communications from the “spirits” and the “gods” granted the witch-doctor, and by extension the temporal ruler, all manner of special authority; so too the secret, “special knowledge” holding “leaders” who carry the “burden” of being the “sole competent actors” as they are the only ones that know, or “can be allowed” to hold the “forbidden knowledge”, are imbued with undue and fraudulent authority and influence..

And of course this one and only holder of “competency”, the only “grown-up in the room” who so well understands the rapacious, murderous needs of its own unlimited power-lusts and will to unduly dominate, must be the only one allowed to hold deadly-force enhancing abilities, right? Shouldn’t psychopathic, pathological liars be blindly trusted?

Looked at in this light, the entire situation begins to not seem so far removed from New-Age-Religious circles where ceaselessly smiling schizophrenics and/or cold hard con-artists will often claim to be able to reveal one’s past life as Napoleon, Joan of Arc, or the mayor of an Atlantean suburb; information that is revealed to them by their singly unique connection to Archangel Imaginationis or whoever it is that’s supposed to be telling them these things. … And all this at the low low cost of $300/hour – 5 hour session minimum …

Dropping cultural biases for a moment, is the above New-Age-Religious believer’s naïve gullibility and lack of clear thinking which we perhaps rather quickly chuckle at really so different from those calling for the People to be disarmed and/or lessened in their arms? Is the lack in logical coherency and reasonableness not comparable? What could be more ludicrous than allowing a Government such as the current one infecting the US, as well for that matter many others over the world, to be the sole, supreme, uncheckable predator in the jungle; the only entity possessed of teeth and claws whilst the vast majority of the populace stand as ready racks of lamb?!

This entire setup of the Top Secret Security State with its priestly or even “godly” hidden knowledges that are the sole domain of the “leaders” is a root dynamic which where allowed to continue, which so long as the People fail to cultivate themselves so as to become truly mature (especially not emotionally driven), competent thinkers and actors, will result in continually increasing separation between the People and the Government. Endless oppression therefrom flows.


In the Absence of True Knowledge, Fantasy and Falsity Gain Unchallenged Ascendency


Where demystifying knowledge and logical causal comprehension are found wanting, every sort of unreality and fanciful imagining can be made to seem just as true and valid as the actual and real situation, dynamic, object, logic, principle, and so on. For there then is no true-knowledge, experience, or understanding of the Real to stand against and serve as a palpable contrast to the falsity.

The prevalence of this dynamic is a problem which has reached EPIDEMIC LEVELS in this time. A time where people stagger about in an iTrance, heads filled with the anti-Reality phantasmagoria of Hollywood and Madison Avenue which has been pumped into their brains literally since the womb. A period of people dwelling in a state that is far less than truly self-determined and thus not really individual. A historical point where masses of persons are automatically and irrationally fearful, apprehensive, and anxious of all manner of things outside their affectedly-cloistered apartments, houses, offices, technological enclosures, and unthinking little daily routines of “safe places and activities” which, unbelievably, so many are willing to accept as “life”!!! A temporal episode in which increasing numbers are so disconnected from Nature and Actual Reality that they are even afraid and anxious of these; fearful of the outdoors and wild Nature which the Human evolved in and emerged from!!! Successfully may I add!

Madness!! Sheer madness!

Such a state as this cannot stand for long. For there is not even the slightest bit of equilibrium in it. The cultures and societies of many high-tech industrialized nations, and especially the newest emerging iterations of present, have gone so far afield from Reality that not only are they misaligned, but even the slightest glimpse of its recognition is a nigh to impossible catch! Once the GI, Silent, and to a considerably lesser extent, Boomer generations pass from this Earth, what little balance remains is threatened with lasting loss. That is, absent a significant change away from this trend.

These more often than not suburban and urbanites (not to say all suburb or urban dwelling folks fit in this category), far more than the children of their parents, are the offspring of the Hollywood, Madison Avenue Machine that has conditioned them to frighteningly thorough degrees. As well the State Indoctrination Training System that has held these Nature and Reality shy people within its grasp for 12 – 21 years, perhaps 40 weeks per year, 5 days a week, for lets just say 8 hours a day in the US [these figures varying considerably], plays its big role.

It is from among those so malformed that we find both the largest numbers suffering from severe paucity of logical causal intuitive intelligence, as well for sure those screaming for the People to be disarmed and thereby made into helpless lambs before the salivating lupine of Big Brother Government.  


The Necessity of Nature’s Influence


In pointing out that it’s obviously among city-folk (which I’ve also been at times) that we find the most Nature disconnected and wirehead infected populations, I don’t mean to suggest that rural or semi-rural dwelling people have altogether escaped or are immune to these ensnaring conditions. With communication technology’s ceaseless extension easily moving every sort of Mass-Media anti-Cultural Construct into even the remotest of flickering screen outposts, no demographic – aside from perhaps the truest Amish and the most dedicated Luddite – is able to go totally unaffected. And of course the Public Miseducation System (rare and exceptional schools and rule breaking teachers exempted) is pervasive in all regions of the US with its shared, more and more centrally dictated, purposefully patterned curriculums and surrounds.  

Yet those residing in more rural areas, by virtue of the fact that they do live in natural environments as well as in far less compacted and thus constricted (physically and psychically) conditions, are freer to roam in, observe, and thereby learn from Nature – even where this isn’t a particularly conscious undertaking.

Being more naturally domiciled, these people are simply very often called to interface with wild Nature, directly and indirectly. Consequently, they can’t help but take some level of learning from Her as they work through these encounters.

The effect of open, wild Nature’s influence is major: physically, mentally, psychically (i.e. the psyche), and socially; especially in one’s youth.

So for instance even if an individual living in a more rural setting is still primarily a creature of the indoors and the technological apparatuses of our age, upon the harvesting of a deer by a family member or friend this person comes to participate on some level in the butchering, preserving, and consuming of the animal’s flesh as sustenance. Thus, even where not in the most prime position of experience they gain in some level of increased consciousness and understanding concerning the entire matter of killing and fully preparing an animal for consumption.

In this way they approach certain areas of Nature and thus Reality to greater extents, becoming more connected thereto. A real and natural logic is experienced; whose quintessence will then, in the power of its universal validity, go on to color this person’s thinking, feeling, and acting to some notable extent for the rest of their lives. Such is the forcefulness of the actually Real and True.

So even where one is not completely engaged in these things, as so few of us now are; having some significant or even slight hand in them, even if only irregularly or at large intervals (during harvest time, a hunting season, wilderness work, etc…), produces notable and important impacts so that this level of involvement is very often acceptable for maintaining these knowledges, abilities, and the naturally grounded logic and reasoning which flows from them. Again, these foundations then going on to affect all the rest of one’s thinking, feeling, and acting globally.

Another big factor standing in favor of rural and quasi-rural residents remaining closer to Nature and therefore some degree of Reality is the usually more tangible, substantial, feet-on-the-ground, hand-on-the-till, and sweat-of-the-brow character of their communal connections. That these are often formed from immediate and extended family only amplifies the coherency, trust, and intra-group influence of such a community.

A much higher degree of self-sufficiency and independence is also found in enterprising, work ready rural communities. This is in no small part enabled by there simply being far more open land for people to work in order to locally satiate their material needs.  This material independence goes on to usually serve as a base for independence in thought and feeling, especially from government and central authority.

Counterpose this circumstance with the absolutely gargantuan numbers of people crammed into the tiniest of spaces in huge cities, the land occupied being utterly incapable of supporting even 1/10,000th of the burdening mass. Where one examines this with an unflinching holistic eye, then every manner of impactive difference arises!

Governmental and artificial Mass-Media Cultural Construct forces also find fewer points of entry and less space to operate within more rural dwelling folk due to their on average (though this is also the case with plenty of stronger urban and suburban communities and families) being more thoroughly informed by familial generational knowledge, values, and ability inheritances of great worth.  These are in the prime passed down by the generally more involved and respected elder generations who tend to play a big part in raising the children.

As these ancestral knowledges are often abundant in natural logic, they then displace and serve as a counter-force to the Mass Media Popular Culture as each individual only has so much “psychic real estate”. With most people the phrase “first come, first served” rules the roost where subconscious, less personal sorts of influences are involved! A fact clearly known by the various powers-that-be – think again to the already mentioned unnecessarily gigantic amounts of time children and young people are more or less forced to spend in Government Indoctrination Camps.

Imagine that, the richness of real relation and well witnessed truth actually often prevailing and coming to hold more weight in particularly young minds than the inanities of plastic television personalities, cunningly crafted dramas, and propaganda lines! How radical!  Shouldn’t that be against the law???

Urban and Suburban dwelling people are more often absent these extended familial, communal, and far more natural support structures and sources of influence, again with some notable exceptions clearly existing.  In such families, the Mass-Media Cultural Construct; the flashing idiocy of every new, useless, and true intelligence lessening distraction and trend tend to loom far largest – unreality prevails.

In times not so far past the Mass-Media and particularly television influence was perhaps only a mildly degrading factor, often even serving genuinely positive purpose. But now nearly every micrometer of the Mass-Media created culture and all that surrounds it is a steaming pile of True Human capacity and value destroying excrement! Even documentary type programs, aside from some impressive productions by PBS and maybe a fluke here or there, are by-in-large dumbed down incoherent tripe; in spite of flashy and crystal clear visuals!

Of course, there are negative aspects to living in rural areas. But these are more often natural products necessary to our experience and learning – causal feedback produced by the logic of wild, open Nature. The occasional less natural negative caused by Human foolishness of one sort or another is obviously possible and indeed bound to crop up every now and then, but certainly less often by many orders of magnitude where compared with high density population areas.

And to be sure these Human generated negatives also contain certain levels of learning value and are natural in one manner of assessment. But they are matters generated out of and filtered through the Human’s active consciousness capabilities and Free Will. Thus they can be twisted in every possible, more often than not unreal direction. They therefore don’t provide the necessary purity of logic or demonstrate the always perfectly balanced template of wild, open Nature. Thus they are usually unable to deliver the same lessons.

Unfettered Nature grants us ever deeper glimpses into the logic, reason, and purpose of the Universe – on multiple levels.  These go a long way to fostering and activating already acquired logical causal intelligence.


It must be said though that there are plenty of urban-dwelling folks, usually of a more conservative and realistic disposition on the whole, who judge the majority of matters in very practical, sound, and more or less naturally logical fashions. For instance many such individuals living in cities also see the continued need for the People’s holding of firearms.  They see the technologically lessened youth all about them and shake their heads, knowing that the most important facets of life and Human existence are more and more being lost.

There’s a major generational factor in play here where the earlier mentioned, especially GI and Silent generations remember a much more truly independent, free, and natural lifestyle. They recall a drastically different, and unquestionably better nation.  This recollection, especially when they juxtapose it with the worst parts of current society and government (so close to 100%), imparts allot of sound influence to their thinking and feeling.

Perhaps equally responsible for many of these exceptions is the eternal fact that a portion of the populace is simply born with a core archetypal pattern which is always circumspect, wary, more objective, less emotionally swayed, shrewder, usually serious minded, and more rooted in natural logic. A logical balance in these things is always maintained, quite in spite of these facets of life and existence going almost totally unrecognized in this time.

People particularly possessed of romantic, intimately joining souls who are also more objective observers and thinkers can often arrive at the necessary grounding with only briefer and lighter contacts with open, wild Nature. Still though, even for these and especially due to their sensitivities and faculties granting them unusually higher potentials, more constant contact would result in greater benefit.

As well those raised in more rural environs who then later go on to live, even for a long time, in larger cities often continue to retain the essential early natural rooting throughout life. This due again both to their personal natures as well as the prodigious lifelong impacts our early lives impress upon us.

But it remains true that for the much larger segments of the populace extremely brief or long since passed exposure to open Nature and its offerings simply doesn’t suffice. The primary reason for this is found in the knowledge of just what the Human actually is; as well as various consequential and sometimes controversial facts flowing from and revealed by this.


City life does hold its benefits and shall continue to.  It’s good to spent some amount of even lengthier time in cities, being engaged therein. Their rise has obviously been pivotal to the forging of civilization itself, and the parallel development of tremendous invention and innovation; at least being the impetus and proving grounds for these. But there’s quite a bit of difference between city life and megalopolis life – or even their slightly downsized kin.

Further, and more to the point, for the one rightfully and realistically living the truly Human life, the life which holds to values and goes far beyond mere appetitive compulsion and shallow distraction, great benefit in genuine inventiveness, creativity, innovativeness, and so on can far more be found in the space and peace of the more naturally grounded, rural or semi-rural environment than in any larger city.  There are rather technical reasons for this, some explicable by current levels of scientific knowledge and understanding, others not so much.

The time of the mega-city is coming to an end. And after a rather lengthy nearer future episode of struggle with increasingly totalitarian governments that wish to corral ever more people into larger and larger, more centrally dependent, and controllable groups (see Agenda 21 [*6]); they will likely dwindle and disperse. … As well, unfortunately sure warfare actions of the most terrible sort will help speed this along.

We are now, with the creation of computerized communication networks and ubiquitous transportation options, well able to connect, meet, and share without living on top of one another in extremely unhealthy, unnatural, and highest personal potential inhibiting circumstances.

There just really is no good enough reason to on a longer term and exclusive basis bow to a compulsion to implant oneself in the psychically stifling, turbulent miasma of a large city or metropolitan area. Nature’s information and influence is of inestimable value and simply a necessity to truly Human purposes.  Strictly urbanized situations can’t help creating severe deficiencies within individuals, disconnecting us from Reality, truncating our consciousness in this, and thereby degrading our thinking, feeling, and judging capacities and soundness.  Not only does the individual suffer this, but indeed the collective which finds itself on the receiving end of some terribly debilitated illogic streaming from the flashing screen media machines, into and through the minds and mouths of mentally hindered borough bots, to then wind up on D.C.’s policy podium.


The Urban Jungle’s Crippling Compromise


Urban, high population density life is essentially identical in model to life in the Tropical Rainforest.

Occupying approximately 3% of the Earth’s land and being home to over half its species, the creatures of the rainforest are forced into extreme specialization and coordination in order to work themselves into a particular position within the forest where they survive and find a compromised flow with the other multitude of highly specialized creatures. Thusly, in the gradual move into extreme specialization required to fit themselves in the exceedingly life-friendly conditions of the rainforest a creature loses the fullness of its capabilities and the capacity to exist and operate outside its highly specialized and narrow niche.

Such a creature, whilst marvelous in what it is and logical in its circumstance, cannot in any way compare to the more well-rounded one able to exist in many environments, weather tremendous variety of situation, and thereby move about more freely.  Through this versatility such generalist animals – represented by the likes of the horse, wolf, bear, elephant, bobcat, raccoon, dolphin, etc… – are able to go on to  develop an even wider consciousness and intelligence, not to mention being obviously stronger in survival capability.  We generally refer to these generalist creatures possessed of multiple speciality flexibility as the higher animals.

It’s the same with Humans – infinitely amplified by our tremendously increased powers of consciousness, intellect, intuition, feeling, creativity, adaptability, and so on.

Roughly speaking, those inhabiting highly urbanized and suburbanized environments, as well to some similar extent more rural residents still dependent upon urban engagements for their livelihoods, suffer the same fate of holistic loss as do the super specialized creatures of the rainforest. In packing themselves into mega-cities’, not life friendly, but money-making, career furthering, and social-climbing conducive environments; they castrate parts of themselves. The more self-lopping is engaged in, the more this effect of holistic loss becomes terribly dominant. 

[An exception to this exists where the specialized job or some particularly intensely engaged in leisure activities are in substantial degree closely entwined with wild, open Nature.]

These people become accountants, attorneys, agents, bakers, bankers, brokers, etc.., specializing ever more in their chosen area, becoming very good at it, and maybe even elevating the field of focused engagement to a new and greater level in the process. This elevation of the field can thus be passed on to others who haven’t been so particularly focused. This pushing forward of the field effect as well the usually greater efficiency and oftentimes knowledge regarding the specialized area – discounting for the moment any assessment of the real value of the job, engagement, etc… – must then be spoken of as highly positive features of  this entire specialization model. … Yet, it must be said that this benefit can be retained without the entire matter being governed by a sort of bureaucratic nightmare corporatized overlay.

Both the one pressing the envelope and pushing their entire area of focus forward (for better and worse), as well as the one just going along to get along rely upon the proceeds from their particular specialization activity in order to obtain all the other things they need. Usually they have no idea how to, or possess a practical enough ability to make, catch, create, repair, or effectively attend to these things themselves.  And more to the point, they generally don’t have much of an interest in ever doing so, rather relishing their inability and lack of understanding as a badge of privilege!

On the one hand this is civilization. On the other it is a situation which has been artificially amplified to a dangerously degenerate degree.

With Earth Humanity having now attained such heights of technology, and with every sort of both normally innate factor, as well as the multitude of contrived financial, economic, environmental, and bureaucratic policies and edicts constantly and tremendously encouraging this; urban settings have become so ridiculously gargantuan and utterly synthetic that those dwelling within them can’t help but lose large portions of their natural moorings and capabilities.

We Humans require these; their absence compromising people’s thinking, feeling, and acting – the total measure of soundness to marked degrees.

Now, both in the sequestering size of metropolises as well as the veiled technological enclosures people more and more inhabit even when out in Nature as they incessantly stare at their little devices, the populace is separated from Reality by ever more severe an extent. This fact is plainly evident in the thinking and feeling of the masses and indeed very much in how they employ these regarding the subject of firearm possession and use. 

This perfect storm of massive blind spot creation also has the effect of further setting up government and particularly “top officials” as the only “quasi”, or even more accurately, “pseudo”-whole consciousness and intelligence possessed entity. Herein it finds another ostensible justification for its constantly salivated after, ever more lording, god-like enslaving role.

As well a naggingly prevalent level of often unconscious discontent is very evident in such persons. For being disconnected from Reality is amongst the very worst of things; only tolerable where one has never known or doesn’t remember what the opposite state is really like. It’s no surprise then that we see so many turning to Big Pharma’s 1000% profit margin SSRIs, Benzodiazepines, Opiates, and every sort of recreational drug for relief rather than reforming their lives in more natural and genuinely earned directions.

More and more we see a bifurcation forming before us. “Forward” as the quasi-neo-marxist fascist/socialist hybrid elements so entrenched in particularly the US Government and EU heads constantly call for. Into an unrelentingly tightening, unendingly medicalized, individual crushing, ever eavesdropping, enslaving technocratic control grid. Or break away from the entire disastrous, idiotic-ideology driven mess to live simply as a natural Human. 

Day by day this difficult choice becomes clearer as the bestial grasp of the inhuman thing constricts itself around the necks of the People, more and more pointing out how saccharin and overpriced the sickly sweetness of its convenience is. Somewhat ironically, in the extremities increasing, so too does the ease of choice, though the challenges of enaction remain unchanged.

Unfortunately, the actual circumstance produced by the current iteration of the specialization model, which is in substantial part encouraged to its current scope and form by the particular sort of black magic fiat money-slave-system imposed upon us at present, is now much, much worse than what I’ve already spoken to.

For as already mentioned above, not only are solely specialized, more broadly disinterested individuals engaged in baking, butchering, mechanism repairing, food production, etc…; but they instead often work in far removed service, sales, or some sort of legalistic bureaucratic paper shuffling job that has no real palpable foundation in an appreciable approach to Reality. Rather the job is only an attachment to the unreal workings of an artificial and interminably corrupt system. Among other things, this tends to produce narrowly self-interested advocates for the true-progress trammeling bloat, waste, and degeneracy of these truly unnecessary appendages.

It therefore isn’t from local producers, tradesmen, and solely specialized persons that we are now obtaining the required basic components for material life. But rather in the overwhelming majority we wheel our autos over to the nearest “big box” store where we mindlessly swipe some financial institution’s plastic proxy card at the corporate altar in order to receive our daily bread. Where this isn’t the preferred method then it’s likely that a few keystrokes and some exchange of digital packets over the web is. This in much the same, though slightly delayed turn, then a few days later resulting in a suitably similar big boxy brown truck depositing our specialized-earned-prizes at our front doors.

So now not only are these essential and basic skills for material life’s continuance possessed individually as specializations by various persons in a community, but by no one at all in the vicinity. Dependence is then on huge corporate entities’ mass production and just in time delivery of these essential goods to us who now have no idea how to really do these things for ourselves.

Even to a more imperative point, as the tasks of production have usually been atomized and automated; outside some overseeing engineers, the larger number of people working for these huge corporations also don’t know how to make the products pumped out by their employers. Rather they know how to run and oversee the machines that do the actual creating. Thus they are individually, and consequently we are in collective form, dumbed down and removed from a necessary knowledge and ability; an alarming circumstance particularly regarding the production of staple goods.


Compare this more bureaucratically specialized person to the one living a true rural life (not still commuting into an urban area for their livelihood or most goods and services).  The differences are drastic, not only in work duties, constitution, and lifestyle, but even more so in consciousness, values, worldview, and so on.  The entire approach to life is radically different, as also are the causal equations which become active.

Although they may not reach the level of perfection and inventiveness a highly specialized person occasionally will, these full on rurally oriented individuals, as well as the notably partial rural life engaged persons, come to be possessed of a consciousness more (not necessarily complete) comprehensively grounded in the fundamentals of Life in Matter (the relative dimension of Time and Space) to an effective degree.  Thus they comprehend the mandates of and way important aspects of Reality operate through its manifestation in Nature. They become increased in their awareness of natural processes on some level (even if this hovers closer to subconsciousness), and this indeed regardless of their ignorantly using this increased awareness to abuse and exploit Nature.

Intelligent abuse does demonstrate a level of effective comprehension, though a total lack of Wisdom and deeper understanding. This is an insight which all, excepting literally two or three, “leaders” of the US (as well for that matter most over the whole world) need to contemplate deeply and lengthily; being advised that such abuse and exploitation is never really gotten away with, no matter how long cleverness manages to hold effect at bay.


The founderingly blind, raging destruction sweeping over this world at current is in part rooted in the failure of this intense specialization model set to mass, corporatized scale. It has produced a sort of sick, stunted, contrived, artificially forced interdependence that is beyond bankrupt, figuratively and literally. It’s not in the least surprising that the purely materialistic thinkers who on some level direct this thing have produced such a failure.

In this current model we all too often see that someone who is a liar and cheat, an individual who peddles a trade that is little better than con-artistry is able to make an extremely good living, buy all the necessities and luxuries of life they wish, and come into possession of a thus money-empowered “loud voice” and relatively big impact on the society.

Where their avaricious operations achieve more extensive accumulations their unending appetites often turn from shopping for material goods alone to including various politicians’ and bureaucrats’ names on their acquisition menu. This of course in no small part being guided by various machinations to further advance said $$$ making engagements.

Yet, in both the major and minor cases their consciousness remains woefully weak and infantile in their lacks and disconnection – with Reality, others, and themselves!

The current in toto governing system is flawed so that such levels of “success” don’t hold as a requisite any real comprehensively close alignment with Reality or profoundly accurate realizations about life. Only the ability to run a racket and numbers game! Can we then be surprised at the state of the world or that the worst of the worst more often than not (thankfully with at least a few exceptions) rise to the highest positions of influence? 

These stand as the most severe and damaging manifestations of this specialized model.  By becoming so very skilled or, more often, cunning at one little thing/area – and this not even needing to be some sort of grounded or real ability such as inventing something, creating a work of real art, etc… – people truly unqualified come to hold tremendous power and influence over this world’s operation.

Once they achieve such power then, in supportive multiplication of hazard, they are further enabled by their less successful, holistically lacking, overspecialized kin within the masses who can be so easily swayed this way or that by emotional impetus or some oversimplified short-term reasoning due to their having no real roots in Reality.  These among the masses who possess no discernment to speak of and thus stand as endless marks fawningly worship at the feet of the king con-men who have “made it”.  Thus they elevate the most loathsome and true-life-denying persons to the most pivotal stations.

As such unduly empowered persons grow old in this degenerated state they become less and less able or willing to recognize these facts or obviously set about truly changing. For even where the thrill of avaricious obtainment has faded, the prospect of facing these long and assiduously avoided facets of themselves stands as a most terrible terror which they cower away from at every cost! And in their being constantly put off they do consequentially culminate to become steep indeed! 

These cringingly ignorant people simply continue on in their unnecessary and destructive consumerism, attempting to fill the gaping chasm of fundamental lack within their character with material goods and luxuries.

Thus they think, feel, reason, and act in the world in an extremely counterproductive, ruinous state of inexcusable ignorance which to the observant, logical causal understanding one is screamingly obvious as well as maddening!


Copyright © Matthew M. Williford. All Rights Reserved.



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[*5 : “It has been unlawful since 1934 (The National Firearms Act) for civilians to own machine guns without special permission from the U.S. Treasury Department. Machine guns are subject to a $200 tax every time their ownership changes from one federally registered owner to another, and each new weapon is subject to a manufacturing tax when it is made, and it must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in its National Firearms Registry.

To become a registered owner, a complete FBI background investigation is conducted, checking for any criminal history or tendencies toward violence, and an application must be submitted to the ATF including two sets of fingerprints, a recent photo, a sworn affidavit that transfer of the NFA firearm is of ‘reasonable necessity,’ and that sale to and possession of the weapon by the applicant ‘would be consistent with public safety.’ The application form also requires the signature of a chief law enforcement officer with jurisdiction in the applicant’s residence.”]

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