Charlottesville, VA: On the Ground Independent Report Of Unite The Right Protest’s Devolution Into Violence and Death

The AP is reporting 1 person has died and 19 were injured as a result of an automobile being driven into a crowd of ANTIFA/BLM/Leftist counter-protestors of the Unite the Right gathering.  It appears this was a purposeful act.  The driver is said to be in custody, but as yet the police haven’t released a name.

Stefan Molyneux of Free Domain Radio talks with Faith Goldy of The Rebel, an independent news network out of Canada, who was on the scene for the entirely of this protest.

Faith provides a fuller picture of what has gone on throughout this large and lengthy protest event.  This level of nuance is all the more necessary for genuine understanding now that this terrible killing and mass injury by automobile incident has occurred.  The Legacy Corporate Media will only have eyes for it if the driver turns out to be aligned with the Unite the Right faction.

She describes police and local government mismanagement, double standards in authorities dealing with the the Unite the Right group and ANTIFA, and what is now an utterly expectable resort to violence by ANTIFA.